BO 161


Luxury Sex doll metal squeleton 161 cm 3 openings
Height: 161 cm
Weight:  40 kg
Breasts: bust: 95 cm, waist: 54 cm, hips: 97 cm
Vagina/Anal/Oral/Breast Sex. 
Metal skeleton
Realistic Touching Feeling


Good morning , my name is BO am a doll with a super-flexible metal skeleton that can take all possible positions. Would you like to see?

Because for men not only sex is important, this doll can also give us a company ; it can be that mate we need, someone who wait for us at home when we arrive from work, someone who say good morning and good night.

Many of our clients tell us that their siliconesexdolls dolls aren’t just a normal sexual type toy but also the doll distinguish in  the great company they provide. Our clients say that they don’t feel as alone as before. Now they have someone to take care of and someone that take care of them.

Once the order is placed, we will contact you in order to know how you want your doll to be and being able to customize it in order to finish it as you want. The duration time of productions is normally about 25 days depending on the type of doll. To this time should be added a maximum of 5 days of shipping, although it also will depend on the delivery place.

Our shipments will be done in a package with no publicity, logotype nor advertisement that could reveal the content of the shipment.

If you have any doubt or suggestions, please contact us and we’ll assist you with pleasure.  We’ll also guide and inform you in order  that your election is for you the most simple as possible, and you can get the doll that better fits to your tastes and needs.

All our products are high quality totally certified, with low prices adjusted to that premium quality.

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